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Good skin is your first most important step for having a great base for makeup

Applying body lotionIn this post, I’m going to talk about the importance of how to look after your skin, before and after makeup application.

When removing your makeup:

Firstly, use your chosen makeup remover. If you have sensitive skin I would not use wipes for this as they can irritate your skin. I myself have sensitive skin and find that wipes are fine to remove my eye makeup, or I use micellar water on a cotton pad which is also good but rubbing wipes across my whole face can be irritating.

The next step is to use a cleanser for your skin type, whether it’s oily, dry, combination or normal. Sensitive skin can go alongside any of the above skin types.

How you can tell what your skin type is:

  • Oily skin has shine all over.
  • Combination skin has shine on your T zone (nose & forehead) and your cheek area will be dry
  • Dry skin will be tight and flaky
  • Normal skin can have a little shine but it feels comfortable

I would recommend exfoliating your skin once a week, to remove any dead skin cells or dry skin. If you have dry skin and would feel you could benefit from an extra exfoliation a week, then twice a week is fine, but I wouldn’t recommend exfoliating any more than twice a week because your skin will become irritated.

The next step is to sweep round across your face, using a suitable toner for your skin type. This is going to clean even deeper into the pores which will help prevent them from clogging with oils, dirt, makeup etc. If you have rosacea, I would skip the toner as it can really irritate the condition. If you have sensitive skin, don’t worry as there are plenty of suitable toners out there that are great. I will be writing a future blog, which will advise more on products that I would recommend for sensitive skin, so keep a lookout for that.

The final step is to moisturise with a moisturiser that is best for your skin type. Even if you have oily skin you still need to hydrate it but ensure that you use a moisturiser that’s been designed specifically for oily skin. This type of moisturiser will be light and not as thick as moisturisers for dry or normal skin.

Do not sleep with your makeup on and think, I’ll just remove it in the morning. Your skin does all it’s repairing while we’re sleeping, so it’s important to have it clean rather than clogged with makeup as your skin will not be able to repair properly.


This might sound like a lot of work and time consuming, but, it will only take ten minutes out of your time in the evening to remove your makeup and clean your skin properly. It’s worth having the benefit of having skin that looks smooth and healthy so ensure that you take time out to do these steps. Remember, it’s only ten minutes!

Prepping the skin before makeup application:

Sweep round your face with toner or miscellar water on a cotton pad, making the skin free of any oil or dirt it may have collected in the night.

Hydrate the skin by applying your moisturiser, we want our skin to be as smooth and soft as possible, so our makeup base looks it’s best. Once that’s soaked in you can go ahead with applying your makeup.

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